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Guest Starring on “Grey’s Anatomy” TONIGHT – Thursday 10/2/14 ABC @ 8:00PM

Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2

I will be guest starring on Grey’s Anatomy  (Season 11, episode 2) tonight at 8PM (7 CST) on ABC.  I get to play Eric Patel, the husband to a sick, pregnant, wife named Rita.

Anisha Nagarajan and Manu Narayan on set at Grey's Anatomy

Anisha Nagarajan and Manu Narayan on set at Grey’s Anatomy

It was a wonderful surprise to arrive on set and see that Rita would be played by a dear friend and colleague of mine Anisha Nagarajan, from my hometown – Pittsburgh.   Anisha, known for her work on Outsourced, was my co-star on Broadway in the Andrew Lloyd Weber/A.R. Rahman musical Bombay Dreams.

Manu Narayan (Akaash) and Anisha Nagarajan (Priya) in the Original Broadway cast of Bombay Dreams

Manu Narayan (Akaash) and Anisha Nagarajan (Priya) in the Original Broadway cast of Bombay Dreams

She moved out to LA a few years ago with her husband, Aalok Mehta, another Bombay Dreams alumnus.  I hadn’t seen her in many years and what a wonderful reunion we had during our week on the set.

Rita (Anisha Nagarajan) and Eric Patel (Manu Narayan) at Grey's Anatomy's Seattle Grace Hospital on ABC.

Rita (Anisha Nagarajan) and Eric Patel (Manu Narayan) at Grey’s Anatomy’s Seattle Grace Hospital on ABC.


During my time on the set, I was reunited with so many colleagues from the my time in New York City.  Jessica Capshaw and I acted in Eric Bogosian’s subUrbia revival at Second Stage a few years ago in Manhattan.  She plays Dr. Arizona Robbins.  She was so wonderful in subUrbia. It was nice to catch up on the west coast and get to act with her again.

Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins) and Manu Narayan (Eric Patel) on set at Grey's Anatomy

Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins) and Manu Narayan (Eric Patel) on set

Kelly McCreary is playing Dr. Maggie Pierce and is the new lead on the show.  I met her in Baltimore a few years ago at the Baltimore Center Stage Caroline, or Change opening night party  .  She was acting under the direction of dear friend David Schweizer. We have gotten a chance to see each other a few times since at auditions.  Look at her now, I am so happy for her.


Manu Narayan and Kelly McCreary on set

 I got to work with some really nice people like series regular Jerrika Hinton who plays Dr. Stephanie Edwards, Camille Luddington, who plays Dr. Jo Wilson, and director/ executive producer Rob Corn who was so generous, efficient, and was the catalyst for everything to go smoothly.

 Thank you ABC and Grey’s and I hope that you all enjoy the show tonight! 

Jerrika Hinton and Manu Narayan.

Jerrika Hinton and Manu Narayan.

2013 NL WildCard – Pittsburgh Pirates vs Cincinatti Reds #BUCTOBER


I grew up watching my Pittsburgh Pirates. Omar Moreno, Bill Madlock, “Pops” Stargell, Kent Tekulve, Bob Walk, etc.  Last time I watched the Pirates in the postseason was that Infamous game seven 21 years ago in 1992.  I was a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon watching on the CFA mezzanine on a gerry rigged Black and White TV (remember those?).  I along with most Pittsburghers still can feel the echoes of being sick to my stomach when our best player skinny MVP Barry Bonds, failed to throw out our ex player Sid Bream (running with a leg injury) on a pinch hit from a no name, Francisco Cabrera.

I have gone to many games since then both at Three Rivers and now at beautiful PNC Park.  I have gone with friends, and family.  The last time I went with my late father was on his 70th Birthday.  As we crossed the Clemente Bridge,  he turned to me and said “just to let you know, they never win when I come.” I said, “Dad,  look around, I don’t think it is you.  They never win period.”

Times have finally changed. Twenty One years and a bunch of baseball hopelessness later, here we are.  One Wild Card game at home to continue forward into the “real” multi game playoffs.  Our team is riding a high into tonights game with the hated Cincinnati Reds.  Those same Reds, who we just swept in Cincinnati to finish the regular season.  Those same Reds that have been so dastardly at throwing right at our NL MVP Andrew McCutchen since the end of last year.

Dad, if you are watching, times have changed, they finally have turned things around.  I wish you were here to enjoy it.  but wherever you are, please give the North Side Boys a ton of offensive power and our Francisco, Mr. Liriano some awesome movement and location.  Oh yeah and Screw the REDS!

GO BUCCOS! The City’s hopes rest on you!

Production Photos: Gettin’ The Band Back Together Featuring Manu Narayan, Alison Fraser, Mitchell Jarvis, Garth Kravits, Jay Klaitz, Emily McNamara and More at George Street Playhouse, Opens October 4, 2013

Our Band “Juggernaut” finally reunited in “Gettin’ The Band Back Together” now through October 27th at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ.Adam Monley as Sulley, Jay Klaitz as Bart, Mitch Jarvis as Mitch, and Me as Robbie.